Pearl Drops

Pearl DropsWe believe your smile is a thing of beauty. It's so powerful it can capture hearts, boost your confidence and express your happiness in the most mesmerising way. So, it should be cherished, cared for and loved. That's why we create timeless beauty formulas, proven to deliver results. Our unique collection of toothpolishes not only give you an excellent whitening experience, but also work to protect your gorgeous smile. By delivering a deep clean & shine, Pearl Drops ensures that your smile is looking its most fabulous every day, whatever the occasion. Using superior technology, expert knowledge and care, we can help you rediscover a timelessly beautiful smile that shines.made by "Eurosirel" Italy as specialises in the production of first aid articles. They are the registered supplier to some of international companies such as:Bouty, Cooper in the Pharmaceutical sector.

We are…

Committed to beautiful smiles. Our exclusive products ensure that your smile is always looking its best, whatever the occasion.

A natural enhancer. We know how important it is for your teeth to appear naturally white, so our products remove stains to restore your smile to your classic, natural whiteness.

Kind to teeth. You wouldn’t expect your everyday cleanser to irritate your skin, which is why our formulas are gentle on enamel. We only use gentle, teeth-friendly ingredients which clean, protect and strengthen to renew radiance and lustre.

Created by experts. Pearl Drops was crafted by whitening experts fiercely committed to finding a solution that gently and effectively whitens teeth.

Our essence:

Pearl Drops. Go beyond whitening. By not only providing teeth with a whitening boost, but actually working to protect your beautiful smile. For teeth so white, they shine.

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