PigeonPIGEON is absolutely committed to the small details that ensure that every PIGEON product is safe, convenient and easy to use. Bottles and nipples are intended for daily use by newborns and infants, and are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

PIGEON nursing bottles are used in hospitals and maternity clinics. The unusually high rate of use is due to their reliability in standing up to repeated exposure to hot temperatures and high pressure during sterilization. PIGEON bottles can be boiled, steamed, microwaved and chemically sterilized.

The quality of PIGEON bottles is subject to very strict standards. We guarantee the safety of our products and deliver only the "best" to your baby.

All PIGEON Nipples comes with the Air Ventilation System (AVSTM), which adjusts the air pressure inside the bottle and to control the milk flow. Tighten or loosen the cap to adjust the flow of milk to best suited for your baby.

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