About Us

AREEN Yemen Trading (AYT) was established in 1994 as a trading company. The main activities of the company were a local distributor for some local factories. The global imports and distribution started in 2004 and in 2007.
We have been approved to have Drug permit.


  • Products are being imported from different countries based on market needs.
  • AYT developed a portfolio of agencies to establish a strong distribution network setup.
  • AYT is now among the strong marketing and distributing companies in Yemen. The strong product portfolio and the professional management staff led to that major move.


  • Increase Company Attendance and Market share.
  • Establish strong relation with the Suppliers and Trade.
  • Create Modern Trade Communication.
  • Increase Distribution Network Throughout Yemen
  • Provide High Level of Service to Customers as we do after sales Services, fast deliveries and merchandise.
  • Build Customer Trust toward the brand Quality to gain Loyalty.


  • Develop strong brand portfolio.
  • Initiate marketing program that lead to brand leadership.
  • Make the business profitable for all business partners.
  • Generate sales volume through strong penetration and proper merchandising.
  • We are having a pharmaceutical permit as we deal with Woodward's, Durex and the Royal Honey which is registered in the MOH and has strong revenue and this improved our position in the pharmacies our position in both field’s pharmacies and supermarkets.

AREEN YEMEN TRADING is considered as one of the major marketing and distribution companies in YEMEN market. The strength of AREEN Yemen Trading can be summarized into the following:

  • Well organized.
  • Covering Medical and non Medical sectors
  • Strong product portfolio.
  • Sales and marketing oriented.
  • Branch offices covering most of the Yemeni market.
  • Strong relation with trade.
  • Well trained and practiced sale & marketing staff.
  • Respect all commitments.
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